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Federal Employees

If you're a federal employee we have a planning service specifically created for you. As a federal employee you have specific retirement needs that many advisors don't understand.

As a federal employee you have different questions from the average private company employee with a standard 401k. You have access to different retirement benefits that many people outside of the federal government have never heard of.


If you're wondering whether you can make catchup contributions to your Thrift Savings Plan, if you should roll over your TSP to and IRA after you retire, or you're trying to figure out what the VIP Plan is and how you can take advantage of it, we're here to help.

Our years of expertise have allowed us to build a business specifically to serve you and the challenges you face as a retiring (or retired) member of the federal employee community. We’re ideally situated to help guide you down the proper path in your years leading up to retirement, and we have the expertise in tax and business formation to simplify how to structure a new venture after retirement.

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